Consultant and Expert Services

Oktagon is your partner in all aspects of Offshore Flight Operations, Helideck and Helicopter Hoist Areas. Which services does Oktagon offer exactly?

Expert statements
Compilation of expert statements regarding location and suitability of your flight operational infrastructure, as required in approval processes in the German Exclusive Economic Zone.

Suitability statement helideck
Expert statement regarding the location of a helideck
Suitability statement helicopter hoist area

Expert opinions
Compilation of expert opinions regarding flight operational aspects of your infrastructure for internal decision processes or submission to the competent authorities and external stakeholders

Evaluation of your flight operational infrastructure as part of initial acceptance testing or recurrent inspections. Compilation of inspection reports for your own documentation as well as proof for the competent authorities

Initial acceptance testing and recurrent inspection for helidecks (CAP437 and BSH)
Initial acceptance testing and recurrent inspection for helicopter hoist areas
Evaluation of Helicopter Rescue Exercises

Support during definition, preparation and implementation of offshore flight operations

helideck specification
Compilation of relevant documentation for flight operations (Flight Operations Manual)
helideck (Aerodrome Operations Manual), helideck personnel (Helideck Crew Manual) and Safety Management System

Preparation of personnel for the role of Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) and Helideck Assistant (HDA) or for coordination of flight operations from your coordination office
Execution of helideck inductions and coachings for coordination personnel


One expert witness is just not enough?
Octagon Consulting offers the right setup for you. The extra Human Resources allow Octagon Consulting to support you in planning, implementing or executing your flight operational endeavours with even more flexibility.

For the service of our personal protective equipment against fall from height we trust the competence of PSAgA-Pr├╝fservice Reken.